What to Buy Your Geek Girlfriend for Valentine’s Day/Her Birthday/The Apocalypse:

So last week was Valentine’s day, and while I played LOTR: War in the North online with complete strangers and ate discounted chocolate, I had a thought (yeah, just the one). There’s plenty of online shopping guides/suggestive advertisements for what to get your geeky male counterpart for Valentine’s day, but little out there for us ladies. And by ladies, I mean me, since I can’t speak for every geek girl out there. Sorry guys, but sometimes you need a hint. And by hint, I mean a public blog post.

Here is my list of things you should buy me if you wish to win and/or preserve my affection (significant other, I’m looking at you).

  1. If you get me flowers, even potted flowers, THEY WILL DIE. Unless, of course, they are pixelated.
  2. Online gaming credits/coins/cards: I have enough IRL clothes, (seriously, I’m addicted to teefury) but my avatar may fancy a new pair of demon horns or an animated panda pet.
  3. Herpes! Give your lovely lady the STI she’s never wanted, and still keep your testicles! (also, no one needs this many plushies, but they’re adorable so that’s irrelevant).
  1. Skyrim: It speaks for itself. In fact, why haven’t you gotten this yet? (Why hasn’t she left your ass?! YOUR HARDDRIVE MUST BE HUUUUUGE!)
  2. Robot soap is cool (so are bowties). Ya know whats cool about robots? Everything. Being clean is alright, too. There are a bunch of these adorable hygiene products available on etsy.
  3. Jewelry: This brings us back to the flowers thing. I don’t want just any kind of jewelry (and not just because I work in an accessory/clothing store and I’m around that shit every day). I want something unique, but still cute.  Like these adorable pixilated heart earrings, or anything made by these amazingly talented ladies: SHAMELESS PLUG! Our blog, do what I want!
  4. And last but not not least- Artwork! Most of us like art, be that pop art, classical, video game art of anime screen shots, what have you. And maybe yer’missus thinks herself too mature for posters nowadays (pfft). There is a solution! Awesome poster like things referred to as “art prints”. They look like posters, but they cost more, and are usually… smaller? I’m going to save my geeky art favorites for another post, cause there are way too many, but here’s something for the doctor who fans that I found really neat!


And there you have it. I hope this list gets you laid. Much love and sexy times,



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