The Gamer Diet

Gettin’ srs nao.

When I was 19, I was diagnosed with da’beetus (or if you want to get technical DIABETES) :C  While it could have been caused by an infection that attacked my pancreas when I was hospitalized with pneumonia, it could have also been caused by drinking 2L Pepsi and living off of snack food all through high school, and sitting on my ass for 6+ hours after school playing DBO (Diablo II)… >.>

While stereotypically, gamer girls are usually under weight or over weight to some degree, not all gamer girls are unhealthy. (I don’t personally know of any who aren’t, but I’m sure they’re out there). A good reason for our unhealthy state is our sedentary lifestyles. It’s unlikely that this will change, as 52” televisions, couch grooves, and epic RPGs just work (like an Unreal Engine).

A good RPG- you know the ones, that either keep you going because the achievements are somewhat difficult and make you feel better than everyone else when you hear that “unlocked” sound, or because the story is actually so good you want to see what happens (see PS2’s JRPG legacy), well they can keep me veg’in for a solid three days (stupid employment). That’s almost half a week living off of sugary drinks, caffeine, carbohydrates, ginseng (thank the energy drink GODS) and whatever else is close, easy, and quickly engulfed, when I’m reminded to eat. Now some of you lucky people, who don’t have to work, however you do it, are probably making this a 5/7 day routine, or it’s your everyday life. If you don’t stop, you’ll end up like that chicken nugget girl, and/or probably die. You’ll never reach that high score, or finish all those games you’ve moved on from, ‘cause you’ll be all dead and stuff.

I’ve had to cut down on my sugar intake dramatically, and it’s helped me have more energy (and play games and do other stupid life stuff longer before I pass out). While I don’t agree with dieting, or starving yourself to look like a super model, there are quick and easy tips to keep your gaming lifestyle and not run out of IRL lives.

  1. Vitamins: chances are you aren’t getting enough, and you can even get the ones that taste like candy. Ask your mommy.
  2. Hot pockets: they’re like pizza pockets, but sometimes have hidden vegetables you won’t even taste! If you can convince yourself you’re going to actually finish Dragon Age 2, regardless of how boring it is compared to its predecessor, you can convince yourself you’re not eating veggies.
  3. Fruit & Berries: There are no wrappers, so less steps. And they’re naturally sweet and full of water, so you satisfy your sweet tooth and keep from dehydrating during the long raids.
  4. Quesadillas: Again, something you can hide veggies in. You can make them however you want, freeze them or refrigerate them, and zap em when you’re hungry. You’ll probably last longer on them than chicken nuggets. But take it easy on the cheese or you’ll have a heart attack. Hiding veggies = important shit.
  5. Bento Boxes: *Girly Squeal* These are ma favorite! You can make them super cute and adorable, take them to school or work or MTG tournaments or whatever tickles yer fancy, and they can look awesome like this:

More awesome gamer bento pics here!

 Alright, mom is shutting up now. But FFS, drink some water, its free dammit.

Stay (mildly but more than before) healthy!

- Kris


  • February 8th, 2012 | Written by lootlootloot
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