A quick techy update!

I’d love to blame the lack of posts on technical issues, but alas the blog was running perfectly up until a week or so ago when I manually shut it down. We’ve recently switched hosts which has meant migrating everything over, including databases.  In reality myself and Kristina have been very busy with real world things like finishing our degrees – I officially have a degree in Physics!

We’ve already hit the ground running with a very successful Sci-fi on the Rock and are in the process of restocking after getting wiped out there. Soon we will have the Etsy shop back up, and will be keeping you in the loop with where you can find us. We will try to keep the blog updated, but we will have our upcoming events posted on the facebook page for sure so you can keep track of us there.

There are many plans in the works, and if you think we should visit your town for an event let us know! We’re hoping to do a lot of festivals this summer.

Back to the tech stuff, please let me know if you run into any weirdness on the website. The transfer wasn’t quite as smooth as I had hoped (is it ever?) so I am keeping an eye out for bugs, especially on the blog. I apologize in advance for any 404s you run into!

- Jen

  • May 11th, 2013 | Written by JentheGeek
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