Adventures of not having a table (Zelda pt 2)

Well, here’s the slight issue with living in an apartment and doing cosplay. You generally don’t have a lot of room. This issue especially comes up when you need to use things such as spray paint (fyi, NOT a good idea to use it indoors), but cosplay is all about inovation right?

I decided to first get my Zelda dress cut out, which first meant getting the pattern cut out, modified, and pinned.

So here are the pattern pieces in their originally intended state. Each one needs to be cut out twice, no wonder if called for so much fabric!

The sides of the dress are unmodified. I tell you, trying to pin on carpet is an adventure. You can also see the extent of the space I had to work with while trying to lay everything out flat.

Click to embiggen, this is the back of the dress where you can see how I modified the back. Zelda’s dress has a corset back, which I’ve done here in by cutting the neckline down into a triangle. The key is to make sure you have a strap that matches up with the front, this can be fairly easily modded if needed as you go.

And here’s the front, which took a bit more fiddling to get it to square off nicely. Also pictured: some of the “help” I get while doing this.

For the purple part of Zelda’s dress, I traced the top part of the modified pattern onto paper and basically chopped away at it until it was the right shape. This involved taping it directly to me at one point because I could not visualize how it was supposed to curve up around my hip. Someday I’ll invest in a dress form!

My intention is to sew the purple and the white separately and have them attached along the neckline. That looks closest to how her dress is, especially with the lack of a hem line along the top. I may have to fiddle it a bit to ensure that the white can’t be seen, probably by pulling the purple in a little by sewing the hem to the white (not sure this makes sense, but I will have pictures of it in progress!)

Bonus time!

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