Hello world!

While “Hello World” has a great history in the world of programming, whenever I see it I get the song from Aladdin in my head. But it’s an awesome song so that’s ok.

Welcome to the inaugural post of the Geek Keeper’s blog! I’m the techy person for the co-op, so blame the internet gremlins if you have any problems. But let me know so I can get the anti-gremlin spray out. You can learn more about me in the aptly named “about” section of the website, and feel free to ask any questions! Questions make for great blog padding.

This blog will be one of the best ways to keep up with us and what we’re doing. Experiments, conventions, thoughts, and pictures of kittens will all be shared here, as well as new products up on the etsy shop. We’ll try to keep the kittens to a minimum, unless they are also doing something awesomely geeky.

The Geek Keepers are all female, so keep an eye out a few “girls in geekdom” type posts as well! While we will be posting about the business here, it won’t be all business! Let us know if it gets too whimsical (as if there’s such a thing) or too stuffy here, or if there are specific things you’d like to see more of!

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