Zelda Cosplay

Adventures of not having a table (Zelda pt 2)

Well, here’s the slight issue with living in an apartment and doing cosplay. You generally don’t have a lot of room. This issue especially comes up when you need to use things such as spray paint (fyi, NOT a good idea to use it indoors), but cosplay is all about inovation right?

I decided to first get my Zelda dress cut out, which first meant getting the pattern cut out, modified, and pinned.

So here are the pattern pieces in their originally intended state. Each one needs to be cut out twice, no wonder if called for so much fabric!

The sides of the dress are unmodified. I tell you, trying to pin on carpet is an adventure. You can also see the extent of the space I had to work with while trying to lay everything out flat.

Click to embiggen, this is the back of the dress where you can see how I modified the back. Zelda’s dress has a corset back, which I’ve done here in by cutting the neckline down into a triangle. The key is to make sure you have a strap that matches up with the front, this can be fairly easily modded if needed as you go.

And here’s the front, which took a bit more fiddling to get it to square off nicely. Also pictured: some of the “help” I get while doing this.

For the purple part of Zelda’s dress, I traced the top part of the modified pattern onto paper and basically chopped away at it until it was the right shape. This involved taping it directly to me at one point because I could not visualize how it was supposed to curve up around my hip. Someday I’ll invest in a dress form!

My intention is to sew the purple and the white separately and have them attached along the neckline. That looks closest to how her dress is, especially with the lack of a hem line along the top. I may have to fiddle it a bit to ensure that the white can’t be seen, probably by pulling the purple in a little by sewing the hem to the white (not sure this makes sense, but I will have pictures of it in progress!)

Bonus time!

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Link and Zelda Cosplay Pt.1

Odds are if you’re on this site you’ve heard the term “cosplay” before, but if you’re unfamiliar with it here’s a short intro to the concept. Short for costume play, cosplayers dress up as characters from their favorite show/movie/anime/manga/video game/you get the idea. Costumes range from simple to extremely ornate, and the skill displayed by some cosplayers rival that of professionals.

I’ve been cosplaying for years, and have made a few mistakes along the way (such as you do not want to make skin tight pants from lamé fabric, no matter how awesome it looks). This year I’ve decided to take on a bigger challenge. Twilight Princes Link and Zelda (I’ve corrupted my boyfriend as well).

This cosplay really started back in April for the boyfriend’s birthday:

We had discussed what we’d be cosplaying as for Fan Expo this year, and had already settled on Link and Zelda. At the time I was not looking forward to attempting to making the sword and shield, so I told the internet to take my money and a few weeks later a giant sword and shield showed up!

This pic is from his birthday party. Sense a theme?

The sword in its sheth is 42″, which is going to make flying to Toronto interesting. I’ve yet to find a bag big enough that also has wheels but we shall see.

The rest of the blogs in this series will be focused on the construction process. To see them all just click on the Zelda Cosplay category on the right side there. Feel free to ask any questions! As we go along I’ll mention which bits you’ll be able to buy off us, if it’s not listed in the shop (link on the top bar).

To start, here are the main reference images I am using:

Pretty much all my fabric comes from Fabric.com, their no questions return policy makes me happy, their prices are reasonable, and they have a great selection.


First step I got a base pattern for Zelda’s dress. I went with McCall M3390, view C-D minus the sleeves. I did mod the neckline to square it off, and traced the top part again for the purple over part. I decided to do the top as two layers sew together, which should make the purple hang nicely.

The dress called for almost 10 yards of fabric! On the plus side, that limited my options somewhat so choose fabric was slightly easier. Taking into account cost, breathability (conventions get WARM), and accuracy, I went with a high quality broadcloth for the white. For the purple I went with a faux silk that should add some regalness to the outfit. I also got some odds and ends for trim, the gloves and other bits of pretty.

Here’s my Fabric.com haul for Zelda:

Finding the proper green for Link was troublesome. For one thing he doesn’t stay the same color in the game, so I went with a mix between the image posted above (which seems a little light) and the Smash Bros version. No pattern, going to draft one by hand from clothes that are about the right shape.

Unfortunately the green was wrong, but as I was able to send it back for a new green that was about the same tone but darker. Link’s under shirt and pants are going to be the the natural broad cloth, and the plether will be his belts and pouches. I also got some suede for boot covers (not shown) and for the dark blue arm wrist thingies (I’m sure that has a name).

So, at this point I had large piles of fabric, have a clue how I was going to cut it up, and hadn’t even thought about Zelda’s armor.

Stay tuned! Next post will be all about the fun of trying to cut up 10 yards of fabric!


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